Joint health supplement

Movoflex® Soft Chews

Supports your dog's mobility

Movoflex® soft chews help to support dog's mobility,  joint health, structure and flexibility, through all life stages. 

With only one delicious chew per day, mobility improvement can be seen by owners within 7 days only1!


Movoflex® Soft Chews come in three different sizes

1 chew per day, for all dogs, at any time

Our tasty chews are available in 3 sizes, for dogs of all sizes, ages and activity levels

Chews can be given at any time of day

No loading dose is required, unlike many other joint supplements


Small dogs

Below 15kg (30 chews)


Medium dogs

15kg to 30kg (30 chews)


Large dogs

35kg+ (30 chews)

How do I know my dog needs Movoflex® Soft Chews ?
  • My vet recommended it
  • I want to preserve his joint 
  • My dog is very active
  • My dog had surgery on joint 
  • My dog is one of the predisposed breeds 
  • My dog is spayed or neutered 
  • My dog is overweight

Owners have already tested it for you 1


said their dog loved it


said it was easy to give 

A unique combination of 5 ingredients that can show results from day 71

Each ingredient has been selected for both its individual and synergistic benefits.

This unique combination of ingredients allows Movoflex® to start working faster than other joint supplements.

Eggshell membrane

A novel supplement derived from chicken eggs, rich in several elements naturally found in joints, to support joint flexibility and elasticity and with proven effect on mobility in dogs2 (and humans)

The eggshell membrane is the thin membrane found below the eggshell.

It is a natural source of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other key biomolecules.

Boswellia serrata extract

Known and used from a long time to keep joints healthy and improve mobility3

Boswellia serrata is a tree that grows in India, North Africa, and the Middle East. The resin of this tree has been used for centuries for different health issues.
Purified extract from the resin of the tree has been used in Movoflex(r).

Hyaluronic acid

Supports joint structure and maintenance4

Hyaluronic acid is obtained by biofermentation. It is one of the main elements in joints. 

Krill meal

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids known to keep joints healthy5

Krill are small crustaceans living mainly in the Antarctic ocean.

Antarctic krill is considered one of the richest sources of marine omega-3s.
An innovative technique is used to harvest krill in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. It does that by reducing the risk of by-catch of other species to almost zero.



A very potent antioxidant known to protect against oxidative stress6

Astaxanthin comes from a microalgae (Haematococcus pluvialis) and it is one of the most powerful natural and pure antioxidant.
It is hundreds of times stronger than some other antioxidant like Vitamin E. 


Movoflex® Soft Chews is
  • Science based

    Significant improvement in mobility perceived as of day 71




  • High Quality

    97% of ingredients are from natural origin

    A synergistic blend of ingredients that works highly-effectively together. 


  • Easy to use

    1 tasty soft chew per day


    3 sizes available for optimal dosage 


  • Naturally commited


     Eco-harvesting krill method reduce the risk of by-catch of other species.  

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I give several Movoflex chews per day to my dog?

    A single chew a day is sufficient, the dose being calculated to be effective according to the weight of your dog. Movoflex Soft chews does not require a loading phase, which means you only need to give one chew per day from the beginning.

  • What is a loading dose ?

    A loading dose is an initial higher dose that may be given at the beginning of a course of treatment before dropping down to a lower maintenance dose.

  • What pack sizes are available ?

    Movoflex Soft chews is available in 3 differents sizes of 30 chews : 

    • Small dogs (-15kg)
    • Medium dogs (15kg to 35kg)
    • Large dogs (35kg+)
  • How long will a dog need to take Movoflex before seeing the full effect?

    The first results of Movoflex Soft chews may be perceived very quickly, after 7 days1. However, we recommend you to reach 30 days in order to see significant results.

  • Is Movoflex only for seniors?

    No, Movoflex Soft Chew can be given at any age to maintain your dog's joints.

  • What are the active ingredients and how do they work ?
    Active Ingredients per soft chew (2 g, Small)
    EggNovo® Eggshell Membrane (chicken) 66 mg
    Krill powder 37 mg
    Astaxanthin 0,25 mg
    Hyaluronic Acid (as Sodium Hyaluronate) 8 mg
    Boswellia serrata Extract 3,25 mg
    Omega-3 from krill 7,5 mg
    Active Ingredients per soft chew (4 g, Medium)
    EggNovo® Eggshell Membrane (chicken) 132 mg
    Krill powder 74 mg
    Astaxanthin 0,5 mg
    Hyaluronic Acid (as Sodium Hyaluronate) 16 mg
    Boswellia serrata Extract 6,5 mg
    Omega-3 from krill 14,8 mg
    Active Ingredients per soft chew (6 g, Large)
    EggNovo® Eggshell Membrane (chicken) 198 mg
    Krill powder 111 mg
    Astaxanthin 0,75 mg
    Hyaluronic Acid (as Sodium Hyaluronate) 24 mg
    Boswellia serrata Extract 9,75 mg
    Omega-3 from krill 22,2 mg

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